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The 34th annual Cruisin' Ocean City 2025 automotive event returns to the vacation destination of Ocean City Maryland May 15-18. The celebration takes place at Ocean City's Beachside Boardwalk, Beachside Inlet and the OC Municipal Convention Center.

Cruisin' Ocean City is the largest city-wide automotive event on the entire east coast. This special event will showcase up to 6,000 hot rods, street rods, pro street cars and everything in between during the daytime and cruising the city at night. Cruisin' Ocean City will host up to 100,000 spectators during the event's four days. There's simply no other event of it's type in the automotive world. 

The event's Beachside Inlet location is one of the most unique outdoor venues that exists in the nation. Ocean City's beautiful wide sandy beach is on the east side, and the city's family friendly fun zone and classic wooden boardwalk are on the north / west sides. The beach and fun zone are separated by a huge fully paved parking area. Just a few miles north on Coastal Highway is the Ocean City Convention Center. Both venues are filled every day with thousands of the most outrageous automotive creations imaginable.     

From the unique and very popular daily cruise along Ocean City's classic wooden boardwalk to the night time concerts, the event continues to feature non-stop entertainment and family fun. Cruisin' Ocean City has hosted hundreds of celebrities including Jerry Mathers and Henry "Fonzie" Winkler, and automotive stars George Barris, Gene Winfield & Aaron Kaufman, among many others. 

Cruisin' Ocean City has attracted many of the nation's largest automotive and non-automotive companies as event sponsors and exhibitors. Literally dozens of the biggest automotive aftermarket and mainstream consumer product companies in the nation all bring their marketing exhibits to the Beachside Inlet. Filling the event's exhibit area with colorful interactive live event displays staffed by knowledgeable brand ambassadors, the Sponsorship Walkway is an experiential and consumer marketing wonderland like no other. 

With it's massive attendance and huge 50,000 square foot exhibit area, Cruisin' Ocean City has continued as the eastern United States' biggest automotive event for live event marketing and road show exhibits, retail sales and product sampling opportunities. 



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