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18th annual Endless Summer Cruisin' - October 8-11, 2015



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The 18th annual Endless Summer Cruisin' 2015 is Ocean City Maryland's 'fall classic' automotive event festival that will take place October 8-11, 2015 at the city's Beachside Inlet Parking Area, Municipal Convention Center and Beachside Boardwalk.

This grand finale of Ocean City's special event season features up to 3,500 street rods, hot rods, pro streets and lead sled creations all on display during the daytime and cruising Coastal Highway at night. Endless Summer Cruisin will host up to 50,000 spectators. 

Endless Summer Cruisin' participants will also be cruising along Ocean City's classic Beachside Boardwalk during Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings to kick off the Beachside Inlet's activities.  The Boardwalk Cruise showcases up to 750 classic cars rumbling down the Boardwalk all at one time - it's one of the most awesome & colorful automotive spectacles seen in the nation.         

Endless Summer Cruisin' attracts dozens of the nation's largest automotive and non-automotive companies as event sponsors and at-event exhibitors. Endless Summer Cruisin' offers both national and regional corporations the unique opportunity to market their  retail consumer products, sales promotions and current advertising campaigns in it's 50,000 square foot Sponsorship Walkway. 

With 50,000 extremely brand-loyal family consumers, Endless Summer Cruisin' is Ocean City's premiere event for automotive  and broad based companies' event marketing exhibits & displays.  


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